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Lady Tiamat Shadows

Brightest Blessings

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on January 17, 1969.
I was always "different". I didn't have alot of people I could call friends, but I did my best to fit in.
Even though I was young I spent time trying to find my spirituality. The main stream faiths just left something missing for me. In 1983 I was reading a fictional book called The Circle of Light, sorry I can't remember the author, and was speaking about the triple Goddess, and chanting, and finding your way home. I was mesmerized! Wanting to know what this faith was when he finally wrote the word ... Wicca.

So the studying began.

For 13 years I sought books from the library, book stores but in the area I was living, they were few and far between.
I spent most of my life traveling across Canada, still seeking others the were like me and believed what I believed. I prayed every night to the Goddess for a teacher but none came.
13 years after I had first read the word Wicca, I stopped into a Metaphysical store in Prince George, BC while I was visiting with my in-laws. It was Samhain and I asked, ever so shyly, if anyone was doing anything that night that I could attend.

There was!!

Merry Meet!

I attened my first coven circle that night and feel in love with it!! The energy, the voices, the dancing and I knew that this is was I saught all along.
My husband and I moved to PG shortly after and I loosely attended all the activities that the coven held. I purchased more and more books and took on studying with a vengence.

I left my husband in 97 and moved to Calgary, where I met a group of artisans and created Dragon Child International (now Dragon Child Metaphysical). If you click on the logo it will take you to that site. Life was good! I was crafting for the Craft that I loved so dearly.
Click to vist DCM

I also started speaking out against discrimination and a few other causes I had. Wasn't long before I became a full blown activist. I met "he who shall be nameless" and with him started the Crystal Sword Coven February 1999. The coven was supposed to bring show paganism to the public in a positive light.

The coven became 7 as more people came to celebrate with us but there were also problems involved and conflicts soon arose. In mid-October of 2000, the coven disbanded.
I also started with the Pagan Federation International. With PFI, I get pagans in touch with others from their area.
On Novemeber 15, 2003 I became the National Co-Ordinator for PFI Canada. I now have a retail store, Dragon Child Metaphysical here in Calgary.
Apparently I wasn't busy enough and became the founder of the Alberta Pagan Association of Calgary [a group of pagans, governed by a Council of Peers (no one is above another) dedicated to the acceptance and information sharing of paganism in Alberta].
But sadly due to time constraints, APAC shut down for the time being.

2001 found my store in a new (and WAY BETTER) location for my store, YAYY!!!

2001 also became the year I met and fell in love with Thom, bought a house, do the settle down thing :o)

2002 I opened the Temple of the Triplemoon, an organization that was created soley for the purpose of aquiring legal status to marry and bury those of the pagan faith.

So that's who I am in a very small nut shell. I work myself to hard and expect much from me (must be the Cap Sun and Cap Moon, Sag rising if you were interested. I have a plethera of letters after my name but prefer it if people call me Tia.
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All links checked and updated December 17, 2003.

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